"Before your What becomes a When"

Call: Attention to Detail Home Watch, LLC 239-398-8534

  • Don't rely on neighbors
  • Know and Trust the person you have watching your home
  • Are they Bonded,Insured?
  • Have they been background checked?

"Things do Happen"

  • Toilet water,if left to evaporate can allow the vile smell of the sewer to
  • escape into your home. It is important to cycle the water.
  • Drain flies thrive in dried out traps of sinks,showers and tubs.
  • Even a minor leak from a neighbor can become a major problem.
  • Air conditioners shut down,freeze and leak.
  • Mold can start to grow  within 24 hours.

Hiring a Professional Home Watch Company can be the difference between Damage and Disaster

 Serving the Seasonal Resident  Call : 239-398-8534

What if...

...Your neighbor forgets to check the house during your absence...

... Your air conditioning system stops working in the middle of summer...

... The residence above or beside you has a flood or just a small leak ...

... Damage does, can and will occur if left unattended...

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